Do Eli’s Cheesecakes Contain Trans Fats?

Eli’s Cheesecake has always baked our cheesecakes using butter, cultured cream cheese and cultured sour cream. There are naturally occurring trans fats in dairy products. On average, our cheesecakes do contain .5g-1.5g of trans fat per serving, due to the fact that our cheesecakes are baked with over 65% cultured cream cheese, cultured sour cream and butter. However, we do not use margarine or partially hydrogenated oils in any of our internal recipes.The exception to this rule is when we need to use certain candy inclusions, whipped toppings, sauces and / or coatings from outside suppliers, some of which are manufactured using hydrogenated fat components. We are working with our vendors to address this issue. It is our goal to remove any hydrogenated fats from all ingredients used in Eli’s products. Please refer to the respective ingredient legend and Nutritional Facts labeling as to the presence of any hydrogenated fats and trans fat levels in individual items.

Posted in: Ingredients and Nutrition