Cheesecake Shooters

  • Cheesecake ShootersEli’s Cheesecake Cuties, any flavor
  • Fruit, nut, or ice cream
  • Liqueur or dessert sauce for finishing

An exciting dessert flight or a unique starter course. Cut two Eli’s 1″x1″ Cuties into quarters (you can also use any size Eli’s Cheesecake and scoop 2-3 balls of cheesecake with a melon baller). Place into a shot glass, layered with your favorite fruits, nuts, ice cream, or garnishes, then top off with a shot of liqueur or dessert sauce. Try Champagne, strawberries and Original Plain Cheesecake (left); kiwi sauce, blueberries, and Original Plain (center); hot fudge, pecans, and Fudge Brownie (right).