Here they come to save the sorbet.

Summertime’s siren song has been calling to me all month, so I’ve decided to have some friends over this weekend to break in our new outdoor grill (will post pictures next week!).

Some think I go a bit overboard when I plan a party. Perhaps they’re just jealous of my mad entertaining skills. I’ve already designed my table settings and decor (going with a nautical theme), created my summer playlist in iTunes, and pulled all the weeds in the back yard.

My menu has an international flavor: Spanish cheeses, beef skewers with peanut sauce, sugar cane-skewered shrimp (I’m into impaled food) and a refreshing lobster ceviche (I’ll figure out some way to put in on a stick). For dessert I’m serving our new Blackberry Crème Fraîche Cheesecake and a selection of homemade sorbets. I only have one ice cream maker that has to be frozen overnight before use, so it’s taking me all week to turn out these frozen treats. Last night I made blackberry-açai sorbet to go with the cheesecake – it has the loveliest burgundy color and I think my guests will be impressed by the flavor (it was all I could do to stop myself from eating the entire thing). I will garnish each bowl with a tiny bunch of white currents that I got from Nichol’s Farm at our Farmer’s Market today, because they’re just so darn cute.

Açai berries are one of these so-called Superfruits. “Superfruit” is a term used to indicate a fruit that is exceptionally high in antioxidants or other nutrients, or has impressive health benefits. I don’t know the research behind these claims, and I’d encourage anyone to be wary of what they read. But I DO know that most of them are pretty darn delicious. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Acai fruit was “the king of all ’super fruits’” last year. And I’d believe it – this little purple Brazilian berry has been showing up everywhere – in juices, ice creams and spa facials. Our pastry chefs have even been experimenting in our research and development kitchen with açai juices and purees to add to a future cheesecake recipe (I’ll keep you updated on that!).

I used the açai juice in my sorbet to add a sweet, grape-y flavor and a pretty color. That, and I want to impress my foodie friends by using trendy ingredients.

After all, I have a reputation to uphold.

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