Fifty Score and Two Cheesecakes to Go.

The Eli’s caravan is packing up for another Presidential road trip! This time we’re headed for Springfield, Illinois, our state capital and home of Abraham Lincoln for much of his life. It’s Lincoln’s 200th birthday this February 12th, and we’re celebrating with two giant cheesecakes (and 1,000 little ones).

Gigantic Cheesecake #1: a 3-tiered creation of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake covered in chocolate fondant, handmade chocolate pennies and an edible replica of Lincoln’s stovepipe hat. This cake will be served at Abraham Lincoln’s 200th Birthday Party in the Grand Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield (this event is sold out). I hear it’s going to be ceremoniously cut with an authentic civil war-era sword!

In addition to the “big” cake, we’ll also serve about 1,000 individual 3-inch white chocolate raspberry cheesecakes enrobed in bittersweet chocolate, each topped with a chocolate 1909 Lincoln penny. Our pastry chef, Laurel Boger, made 15 chocolate molds from a 3-inch-wide plastic souvenir penny – and our cake decorators have been melting and pouring chocolate for weeks. The pennies will be decorated with edible copper luster dust to make them shine.

Gigantic Cheesecake #2: a 42” apple cheesecake (reportedly Lincoln’s favorite dessert flavor) made with 50 pounds of Michigan apples and freshly ground cinnamon from the Chicago Spice house, decorated with vanilla buttercream and graham cracker crumbs. Sounds delicious, but not terribly exciting (apart from its size) – until you hear that it’s topped with a 1-inch scale replica of Lincoln’s colonial home made entirely out of gingerbread and chocolate!

This darling dollhouse will be displayed and served at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum for the 1860’s Period Ball (the event is free and open to the public, but reservations are required and the event is sold out). Authentic 19th century attire is encouraged, so this cake will be dressed with a crushed red velvet table skirt.

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