Mint condition.

Now that our Taste of Chicago planning is under control, our thoughts move on to our summer farmer’s market, our cheesecake festival in October, and new products for the holidays which (thankfully) include a NEW Eli’s Dipper flavor! Eli’s much-beloved Dippers are frozen cheesecake slices on a stick, dipped in chocolate. A perennial favorite at the Taste of Chicago, our Dippers are also enjoyed at theme parks, stadiums, zoos and anywhere folks go to have fun.

What’s more fun than food on a stick?

We debuted two new Dipper flavors this month – Turtle and Strawberry Swirl – and they’re already a smash hit. Well, when you take an already delicious dessert and add strawberries or caramel and nuts…how can you go wrong?

Today I was called into our Research and Development kitchen to try some new Dipper flavor concepts (it’s so awful being me). We need something new for the holidays and Elana, our culinary consultant, is hard at work. She gave me a sample of the “Hot” Chocolate Dipper: deep chocolate cheesecake with marshmallows folded into the batter, with MORE marshmallows piled on top before it was dipped into creamy milk chocolate. Then I took a bite of a “Gingersnap” Dipper: candied ginger and bits of gingerbread throughout the batter, then dipped in dark chocolate, then topped with a sprinkle of crystallized ginger. I agreed that they were both very jolly and mouth-watering, congratulated myself on the good fortune to have such a delicious job, and began to wander back to my desk in a hazy sugar coma.

But wait! This merry culinary adventure was far from over!

Elana grabbed another tray from the freezer, which cradled two more exquisite Dipper concepts, and asked for an opinion. I figured they’d hold me over until it was time to go home for the day, so I agreed to take a bite. And this day shall go down in history as the day I tried two of the most refreshing cheesecakes ever created – Fresh Mint and Peppermint Crunch!

Desserts made with mint are perfect for the holidays. They cleanse your palate after a heavy holiday meal and peppermint is reputed to calm an upset stomach – you know, after a heavy holiday meal. Plus they’re just so darn festive.

The Fresh Mint Dipper had a velvety soft chocolate cookie crust, a very clean and clear spearmint flavor with a hint of vanilla, and was enrobed in smooth, dark chocolate. Also fresh and minty but a bit more complex, the Peppermint Crunch Dipper consisted of the creamiest chocolate cheesecake ever created, coated in dark chocolate that was full of crunchy red peppermint candy flakes which added great texture.

The winning flavor we’ll choose to debut will be determined soon (keep an eye on our website for the new flavor announcement).

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