The power of dessert love.

To kick off our annual Valentine’s Day poetry contest, I’ve written a haiku:

Eli’s Cheesecakes bake;
      Luscious raspberries show us
  The color of love.

That this is one of our most popular promotions doesn’t surprise me. Other than a few, shall we say…graphic entries…most of the poems that we receive are clever and heartfelt – and they remind us never to forget the power of dessert. They extol the assets of Apple Bavarian, the delights of Dark Chocolate Banana, the pleasures of Perfectly Praline. It’s easy to share our passions on food because eating is a universally pleasurable experience.

Emotional support, available without a prescription.

Dessert is often sweeter because its very nature is to give pleasure. It’s not required, but desired. It’s a special treat, a reward, a celebration. If anyone understands the importance of dessert, it’s Eli’s – and our loyal fans. We’re proud that we can create a dessert that spreads so much happiness, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share it.

My haiku is only three lines long, but I could ruminate for days on desserts. If you’d like to give it a try, visit our contest page – and share the love.

As for myself – I’m going to keep my day job.

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