That’s alotta cake.

This year’s giant cheesecake for the Taste of Chicago is our biggest yet – in addition to 1200 lbs. of Cultured Cream Cheese, 300 lbs. of Sugar, 200 lbs. of Marzipan, 100 lbs. of our All-butter Cookie Crust, 125 Dozen Eggs, 1 Gallon Pure Madagascar Vanilla and 200 lbs. of scratch-made Old-fashioned Buttercream Icing, there will be loads of pineapple, coconut, cinnamon, raisins, and chocolate chips involved.

To celebrate our 30th birthday we’ve decided to enter the way back machine and bake two flavors we haven’t made in years – Hawaiian and Cinnamon Raisin. Yes, they’re decidedly retro (could be why we don’t make them every day) but they’re still darn tasty. Original Plain and Chocolate Chip will be included, and they’re still best sellers today.

Eli’s Cheesecake Company was born at the first Taste of Chicago in 1980. It started out as a modest one-day event and today is the largest food festival in the country, spans 10 days, and attracts millions of hungry guests. We’ll be serving our giant cheesecake for free to the public at Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain on June 26th at 1pm (with a little help from the gorgeous guys in “The Band From TV“).

Forget the fork. We’ll need a forklift.

Taste of Chicago 2009, above.

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