Eli Fish, Sierra Madre, CA

Your cheesecake is the best. I first had it at Eli’s, the restaurant in Chicago. When the owner found out my name was Eli, he presented me with a gorgeous plate with the name ‘Eli’ plastered all over it! Whenever I connect through O’Hare, I ALWAYS make it my business to go to Midwest Gourmet, located near B18 in the UAL terminal and purchase at least one cheesecake. On Monday of this week, I flew from Columbus to KC via O’Hare and got a regular and a Key Lime. However, I ended up giving both away — one to my parents and the other to a very good customer/friend …no cheesecake for me. But I made more friends for you — they both loved there cheesecakes. As I write this, I’m getting an unbelievable urge for either choco-chip or key lime…ugh…HELP!!!! Thanks for listening — thought you’d enjoy reading my story.

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