H. VanHorn, Lubbock, TX

Dear Mr. Schulman,

I would just like to express my gratitude for your company and the many slices of happiness you have brought me over the years. I began working at an Uno’s Chicago Bar and Grill in 2000 (in Pittsburgh , PA ) that carries Eli’s original cheesecake. As a server, it was my job to encourage people to save room for dessert. I, however, took it almost personally if my guests would not consider even taking a slice home with them. I managed to convert guests who claimed not to like cheesecake in to regular fans, and convinced a large number of people to order their Eli’s cheesecake as an appetizer, to make sure they had room for it.

I ate at least one slice of your cheesecake every shift I worked, and often also on my days off, from June of 2000 until November of 2002 when I moved to Lubbock , Texas (a town that sadly does not have Eli’s ANYWHERE that I can find). Skeptic guests would ask how I could eat as much as I claimed and stay so thin; I told them the truth– that it was so good that I got a second job at a gym to support my habit.

My co-workers and I joked about the emotion that naturally comes out in me as I describe it’s texture — perfect, smooth, and creamy, not like other cheescakes that taste like a hunk of cream cheese you should be spreading on a bagel. To this day, when I describe it my faces gets a little red, my mouth waters, and my eyes fill up with “happy tears.”

Thank you for making my favorite food, one of the only things on this earth that always puts a smile on my face.

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