K. Wokjszynski, Monee, IL

Dear Eli’s:

This past weekend was my husband’s birthday. Naturally I was expecting to celebrate with a nice floury cake. I do enjoy such cakes. The mark important events in our lives. In fact, they have become a symbol of happy, party times for me. That’s why I was so shocked this week when my husband requested, instead, an Eli’s Cheesecake for his birthday. At first, I was opposed to the idea, how can you celebrate with a cheesecake and furthermore, why an Eli’s Cheesecake?

Since it was one of his only birthday requests, we got the cheesecake. Now, after numerous moist delicious pieces, my only question is: why haven’t we done this before? The whole idea of cake has been changed forever in my mind. I keep wondering, who are these Eli’s people and how do they do it? Our anniversary and my birthday are coming up soon and there’s’ no doubt in my mind, we’ll be celebrating with Eli’s Cheesecake.

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