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Eli’s Cheesecake can’t be beat,
Twice as much protein as a piece of meat.
Just chock full of cheese and eggs;
Can’t get it off my hips,can’t feel my legs

The only thing that gets me thru the long Wisconsin winter nites is a Eli’s cheese cake covered with fresh strawberrys.
c. p. Glendle,WI


Cheesecake, that’s one I can’t make.
Makes me salivate.
Makes me grovel, mate.
Don’t hesitate – give me the cheesecake!
I will celebrate and I will dedicate.
My last bite of cheesecake.
To my taste buds, which I will placate.
With your fine cheesecake.

J. G. Fort Knox, KY

Eli Oh Eli
My love for you is so strong
I know I can never go wrong
Any flavor I choose
is always better than the last
So how can I lose?
No matter what diet I am on
you will never become part of the past
It’s only you I crave
even if it means I have to save
calories to indulge in my favorite dessert of all time!
It’s worth every single sacrifice!

L. T. Chicago, IL

“Love at First Bite”

With your ivory filling, light as air
Whipped to perfection, it’s simply divine.
Your golden crust is beyond compare
I won’t be happy until I make you mine.

Smelling the ribbons of your sinful scent
Love at first bite, I take you in.
Savoring the richness of your creamy content
Love at first bite, my heart you win.

To you I give up my soul completely
To you, Eli’s Cheesecake, I surrender sweetly.

C. C. Lake Forest, CA

Oh, My Eli’s Cheescake
When I’m down and feeling blue
all I need is to think of you…
So smooth,so creamy and so very rich
I need to run to the fridge and satisfy this hunger itch.
You are my saving grace and best comfort food
A simple piece of heaven
Oh yea,
that puts me in the mood….
L. G. Charlemont,MA

Eli’s cheescake is the best food that I ever ate. It is so good and it tastes great! Thank you Eli’s for a great suprise!
M. M. Forest Park, Illinois

Staring off in a daze
Rich chocolate I crave
makes my heart flutter
to think of pecan butter
cheesecake oh dear
love controls all thoughts
with Eli’s there is no fear!
M. S. Bay City, MI

I love cheesecake, and it loves me!
I will eat it in a house or in a tree!
Cheesecake must be a gift from heaven
(But when I eat it, it feels like sinnin’!)
The sweet smooth taste of it lis like no other
And Eli’s Cheesecake is better than mother’s!
P. B. Midway, AR

I adore Eli’s Cheesecake,
whether it be chocolate or strawberry,
or any delectable creation my mind’s made up,
Eli’s could bake it and mail it to me.
R. S. Rochester, IL

Oh cheesecake, I adore you,
Chocolate or plain.
I dream of you at nighttime;
You’re always in my brain.

Dear Eli, I would love you,
Forever and a day
Because you make the cheesecake
That melts my stress away.

There is no love like Eli’s,
To make a treat so true;
A cheesecake sent from heaven,
You’ve made my dreams come true.

I love you Eli’s Cheesecake!!
S. B. Richland WA

Please for Valentine’s Day do not give me any ties
I want a cheesecake from Eli’s.
I just love to savor
the flavor
because Eli’s is definately finer.
K. W. Bolivar,OH

Dear Eli’s:
You made me break a cardinal sin –
Your flavors gave way to din-din gluttony.
Your bottom cookie crusts and rich creamy fillings –
Led to many top pants button openings.
Slice after slice, I simply didn’t care –
I knew I was having an edible affair.
You never got old; you always brought something new –
From Classic to Candy, Fruit to Tira Mi Su.
To win the Grand Prize –
Oh my, what a sight.
If such a thing, I should win: would have me in a fit –
Of delectable, edible Eli’s ecstasy.
Signed: X’s and O’s.
M. T. Bronx, NY

Eli’s cheesecakes are what we crave
ever since getting one from our friend Dave
Decadent, creamy, delectable and yummy
it delighted our tastebuds and pleased our tummy

It’s a wonderful combination of chocolate and cheese
for a gathering of friends, its sure to please
even for the boring who prefer them plain
Elis has earned a its claim to fame

Ask me what I want for this Valentines Day
and I will say a cheesecake made Elis way

S. C. Cameron NC


Who can resist both cheese and cake?
What a divine combination they make!
And since Eli’s makes the absolute best,
Why even bother with any of the rest?
So make tonight a special occasion,
An Eli’s Cheesecake is always a sensation!
J. A. Evanston, IL

I love to have cheesecake at home. When I go out to dinner I am usually to full to really enjoy it. I would love a delious cheesecake delivered to my house.
v. l. aurora, oh

My love for Eli’s cheesecake surpasses all
Including spending money at my favorite mall
No other sinful indulgence, fine chocolates or drink
Would replace my Eli’s cheesecake contentedly I think
Because it’s made from the finest ingredients ever found
And never fails to elicit the most pleasurable lip smacking sound!
J. C. Fargo, North Dakota

Smooth as velvet, thick as cream
my mouth takes a venture on a cheesecake dream.
If Heaven calls now, they will surely have to wait
for a nirvana like these, I might just be late.
For this taste so rich, for this moment so free,
I would swim any ocean, I would cross any sea.
To hold such dedication, one might wonder why
Because the best of the cheesecakes lies here with Eli.
c. j. cataula, ga

Eli’s Cheesecake is the perfect way to celebrate Valentines Day, A box of chocolates roses champange no way Eli’s Cheesecakes go all the way, You can’t go wrong and it will keep your relationship strong, Jewelry or Perfume who wants that same old song I will take Eli’s any day
t. o. bono, arkansas

I have found my true love
His name is Eli.
Without him
I am sure to die.

I think of him
Both night and day.
What kind of cheesecake
Can I have today?

Original, chocolate chip
And crazy candy.
Any flavor at all
Is going to taste dandy.

12 servings they say
But I disagree.
If I have my way
It’ll be all for me!

Cheesecake in the morning
Cheesecake at night.
Nothing in the world
Could be so right!

Living so far from Eli’s
Seems really dumb.
So, look out Chicago!
Here I come!

T. L. Fort Atkinson, WI

Eli’s Eli’s is the best cheesecake around
I smack my lips on the best cheesecake I’ve found
I’d jump through hoops or eat a big bug
Just to get a piece of Eli’s cheesecake that I love
You can have your money and all of the gold
Cause it’s Eli’s I want to have and to hold
It takes my breath and my heart skips a beat
When I know it’s Eli’s cheesecake soon I will eat
Boom-chic-a-boom and tra la la yay
Give me a piece of Eli’s today!
s. w. Nelsonville Ohio

I love the taste of cheesecake
it brings me to my knees, mate
the creamy goodness always pleases
especially when the cake is Eli’s
E. B. Salt Lake City, UT

(To the tune of Old MacDonald)

Cheesecake is my favorite treat
Eli, Eli, Ohhhh
Eli’s cheesecake can’t be beat
Eli, Eli, Ohhhh
With a strawberry here
And a plain or chocolate there
On a stick or on a plate
Oh my gosh, they’re all so great!
Eli’s cheesecake, I love it so
Eli, Eli, Ohhhhh….
L. B. Grand Rapids, MI

Eli! Eli! How did you know
That cheesecake is my true love
And makes my senses flow?

Bee My Honey, Chocolate Chip,
White Chocolate Raspberry, hmmm..
Makes me lick my lips!

Dream Team Sampler…sample it all
Strawberry, Key Lime, Chocolate Truffle
These are my downfall!

Your cheesecake’s delicious whatever the flavor,
the shape or size doesn’t even matter,
It’s only your cheesecake my soul does favor!

It tickles my fancy, satisfies my desires,
The rich, creamy concoctions
Always set me on fire!

I love it! I love it! Can’t you see?
Eli’s Cheesecake will Always
My One True Love Be!

L. B. waco tx

C- Creamy
H- Heavenly
E- Exquisite
E- Edible
E- Enchanting
C- Captivating
A- Addictive
E- Excellent
J. C. Sycamore, IL

I guess you could say I’m old
I live in a retirement home
Things happen and I listen
But, never do I actually hear.

So, give me a break
And don’t yell or scream
Because one day, my dear
You’ll be right here.
D. H. The Villages, FL

I Love Eli’s Cheesecake
But buyer beware
It makes me forget
That I’m supposed to share!
Each delectable bite
And every small crumb,
You may call me greedy
But you can’t call me dumb!
R. M. Guilford,ME

Eli’s cheesecake from chicago
the very best cheese cake
i have ever had O

I wish i had one
shipped to me
oh how happy
I would be

ohh so good
soo rich and tasty
I want one now
and please be hasty

i hope i win
mmmm that cake
and do not be late
please hurry for goodness sake

r. b. shelbyville ky

i met the cake upon a plane…
about five years ago…
such bliss i felt upon first bite…
this cake i must get to know.

so, thus began the love affair…
as i ordered cake upon cake…
my friends agreed…there was none better…
this love i would never forsake.
m. . lake oswego, oregon

What smells delicious when you enter Eli’s? You can almost taste the smooth cheesecake as you look into the cases. As you take your time choosing, trying to pick one, it’s impossible. You imagine the taste when you’ll take a bite. So, of course, you buy three! Eli’s a winner.
M. C. Chicago, IL

Eating cheesecake is a pastime of mine,
but to eat one of Eli’s is simply divine.
One bite and you’ll agree
that Eli’s Cheesecake is for you and me.
L. P. Lewiston, Maine

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I love Eli’s Cheescake

I’m sure you will, too!

J. G. Chicago, IL

I really don’t crave chocolates or sweets to munch
Or even cut flowers that come by the bunch!
I have lots of jewelry. and no place to go.
Another Valentines Day just covered with snow.
Give me a romantic, quiet, dinner that I don’t have to make,
That ends with a special treat of coffee & Eli’s Strawberry Cheesecake.

C. W. Oakland, ME

To eat or not to eat.
That is NEVER the question.

How much to eat?
What kind to eat?
That is always the decision.

Fruits, nuts, candy or classics?
My taste buds are wild with anticipatics.

Eli’s cheesecake, my favorite sweet.
Come to me, come to me—
Make me complete.

N.B. Cocoa, FL
N. B. Cocoa, FL

I like cheescake
strawberry, blueberry
There’s something about it
when sharing it
with others
D. D. greenvill, in

I Love Cheesecake, you know it’s true.
I Love strawberries, yes I do.
I Love Strawberry Cheesecake as much as I Love You!
A. U. Michigan City, IN

Eli’s cheesecake is the best!
Put your taste buds to the test.
Just one bite and you’ll agree,
Eli’s is made for you and me!
B. M. Hyde Park, VT

Now here’s a little story
That I like to tell
It’s about a company
That I know pretty well

Eli is it’s name
And they make stellar cakes
They appease any palate
They know what it takes.

The cakes are mouth-watering
and smell as good as they look.
One slice is not enough
Before long you’ll be hooked.

My advice to anyone who has a
Sweet tooth to fill
Try a product from Eli
And it wiill be a done deal.

You’ll leave satisfied from
head to toe.
And your face will have a smile and
an amazing glow.

V. G. Harpers Ferry,WV

Eli’s Cheesecake hip hip hooray!
I know when I have one it will be a good day.

Eli’s Cheesecake my favorite by far.
I can eat it at home, the beach or my car.

Eli’s Cheesecake it is a slice of heaven.
Perfect at four, five, six or seven.

So if you are looking for a dessert that can’t be beat,
Look no further than Eli’s delicious treats.

P. W. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Oh so…



d. s. columbia sc


rich, creamy, buttery,
soft, elegant, thick,
gone in an instant.
c. s. las vegas, nevada

Eli’s, THE cheesecake
Strawberry? The mouth waters
Now where is my fork?
B. S. Toney, AL

Eli Schulman started the craze
In the 40’s when celebs came to his restaurant to graze
The end of the meal brought something so sweet
His cheesecake was called their favorite treat

Word spread about this marvelous cake
More and more they had to make
In the 80’s “Eli’s Cheescake” was born
From this tempting treat we vow not to be torn

So to you dear Eli we shout “thank you”
No other cheesecake will ever do
You dream was truly a slice of success
After tasting your cheesecake we accept nothing less!

p. m. grandville, MI

Eli’s is the only way to eat cheese cake when your done you feel soooooooooo good
c. p. Glendale,WI

Elis Cheesecake is decadent and yummy,
The quickest way to spoil my tummy,
Gourmet and rich its’ always the best,
It certainly beats all the rest!
B. L. Lake Ronkonkoma NY

Mini Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake Hearts,
Stole MY heart with what the name imparts.
Chocolate decadence, flavor to please,
Brings this cocoa lover to her knees!
P. L. Gibbstown, NJ

M. M. Celina, Tennessee

It is you, Eli, that I indulge in
It is you that I adore
Never before have I experienced
Such guilty pleasures before
Amazed by the white chocolate raspberry
Yet the triple chocolate dances on my tongue
With only one tantalizing taste
Eli’s breath-taking seduction has begun
It wraps me in it’s succulence
Burns me with it’s velvety embrace
On days of gloom, I enjoy every minute
Of that mouthwatering cheesecake taste
And thus my choice remains Eli’s
A perfection of their trade
Such an array of heavenly temptations
Never again shall my tongue feel betrayed
L. Z. Newport Michigan

Nineteen seventy seven…
brought us a piece of heaven.
After several mistakes…
Eli perfected cheesecake!
A man and a vision…
concocted divine fission.
Flavors explode in sweet harmony…
exquisite sensations inside of me.
I tip my fork…to this man’s revelation
that brought a sweeter life…and changed a nation.

S. L. Mulberry Florida

There once was this guy from Kentucky
Believe it or not, he’s not Bucky
He loves Eli’s Cheescake
Because he cannot bake
So maybe this time he’ll be lucky
b. k. covington, ky

NY was my home, but I finally visited Chicago in September…love it! ON the first, we went into a Starbucks that had lost it’s lease and they were serving the BEST cheesecake as a goodbye gift. Wow, one look at the cake, and it had me! I had heard about the famous Eli’s, but words do not do it justice…yum! Now I order it for holidays, for presents, and well, for just an excuse to have some. Long live Eli’s!
K. C. Burbank, CA


Eli’s Cheesecake is the best,
So much better than the rest.
This dessert is the one I’ll eat,
The best Valentine’s treat.
There are fruits and nuts, that are oh so sweet!
Just one slice and you’ll want more,
The samplers are great, with not just one choice, but four.
The crust is crisp, the candy gives crunch,
I’ll eat a whole pie for a delicious lunch.
There are nuts if you like that taste real great,
The Perfect Praline will make your heart ache.
The chocolate is rich, the key lime is sweet,
This cheesecake is the perfect treat.

S. S. Las Vegas, NV

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.but if nothing more you can take,nothing restores like an eli”s cheesecake!
m. h. hebron,ky.

she loves me, she loves me not, i’ll live thorough it all
but without Eli’s I die
r. k. struthers ohio


I have a love that I must confess. It is for Eli’s Cheesecake, which I proclaim the best!
Smooth and creamy, Eli’s Cheesecakes know how to please me.
So many tempting flavors, this I can attest.
No better cheesecakes can exist.
This I know because my lips have already put them to the test!
N. B. Pittsburgh, PA

Eli”s Cheese-cake!
Just send for it
No bake!
Savor the sweet
Celebrate –
Let’s Eat!
M. V. Hardy, VA

oh my Elis,so rich and creamy I find you delectable and Dreamy I desire a slice upon my plate Be warned,I bite on the first date
C. k. amelia ohio

The stage has been set for the deed to be done.
The seduction begins with a flick of the tongue.
My willpower is useless against this beau,
I decide to relax and just let myself go.
The seduction would happen before dawns next light.
My quarry defenseless, I take my first bite.
I savor the creaminess as it melts at first touch.
Nothing else matters, I want this too much.
You are most extraordinary, it must be this way
For an Eli’s cheesecake shall not last the day.

M. D. Susquehanna, PA

The winter is harsh, cold, and unkind
As I race to the mailbox with one thing in mind
I hardly even feel the snow in my face
When I finally arrive and stand in the place
Where the mailman delivers my love’s sweetest bliss
No February snowstorm could extinguish this kiss
He’s been fighting so long in that land far away
What I wouldn’t give to have him with me today
Into the kitchen with package in hand
Once smitten, this love isn’t hard to understand
I tear back the paper and pure joy, nothing less
Eli’s Cheesecake, a ring, and my answer is yes!

J. S. Salem, SD

I had an Eli Cheesecake–
and packed it in a case.
Flew around the world
and took it every place.

In a Parisian bistro,
ate a slice instead of crepes
Along the coast of Italy,
I savored Eli’s topped with grapes.

With dinner in Germany,
I preferred Eli’s to the kraut.
In Mexico, those Eli’s Dippers
cured my hangover — no doubt!

And finally in Memphis,
was time for Eli’s deep-fat-fried,
Looked into my now empty box
and very nearly cried.

I’ll be home tomorrow,
thus my saving grace —
Heading to the store,
to buy another Eli’s to replace!

J. F. Austin , tx

Mere words cannot express
The feelings I have inside.
The joy, the happiness,
The glee I cannot hide
I contain myself as best I can
With only the faintest smile;
But sometimes sport a grin
That’s wider than a mile.
The cause of my condition
Is right before my eyes
On a shelf in my kitchen
Is a box that reads “Eli’s”
I’ve tried hard to resist,
But abandoned that aim.
If my “Eli’s” treat is missed
Nothing’s quite the same.
It’s a little bit sweetness,
A little bit sin.
I taste Eli’s Strawberry Cheesecake
And give right in.

D. F. Greenville, Rhode Island

Eli,your cheesecake stands for decadence and pride because you are a man of integrity,who believes in nothing but the best when your name is on your cheesecakes. It was not by chance that you became a household dessert name,rather it belongs to your heart, one taste of Eli’s cheesecakes,one senses passion and compassion.
V. C. Murray,KY

Eli’s Cheesecake, your so keen. Because I eat it, I’m not lean. Eli likes to make me fat, I break the chair that I once sat. I don’t care,I’ll keep on eating, for Eli’s cheesecake my heart will keep beating. Sweet and thick and full of goo, like a cow, I say moo. This poetry is not so hot, over this cheesecake I have fought. Understand this is my plea–if you have some cheescake, give it to me!

E. M. SC

It’s creamy
It’s dreamy

It’s sweet
It’s complete

It’s a complete high
It’s Eli’s
The guy from the West Side

His Cheesecake Bakery Café will make you say
It is a Complete high
It’s Eli’s!!! The guy from the West Side!

A. S. Succasunna NJ

Roses are red
Viloets are blue
Eli’s cheesecakes take away the blues.
Even when you have a bad day and feel used.
A. W. Nashville

There is nothing like an Eli’s cake,
Dreaming all night and thinking of it when I wake.

When I think of the creaminess it proclaims,
I often go crazy breaking my diet chains.

It’s ok though, because I’m at peace.
Please, Eli cut me another piece!
K. S. Blakely, GA

First you formulate the crust
then you mix the slurry
remember patience is a must
you never have to hurry
ready up the oven or oast
bake til done firm as jelly
ready your taste for the most
over the tongue and in the belly
famed from coast to coast
it must be made by Eli
e. d.

Cheesecake cheesecake, what’s your flavor?
Strawberries or chocolate, one should savor
For a bite
Such an appetite
For all the cheesecake that we favor

Fruit filled or swirred, where will you go?
For the best cheesecake in the world, you know
Forget New York
Just grab your fork
And head off to Eli’s in Chicago
T. N. Newark, DE

There once was a cheesecake I loved
Every time I ate it I was in Heaven
It tasted better than heaven above
Please send me seven
r. g. college station, tx

The mind is a garden
And thoughts are the seeds.
I dream of Eli’s Cheesecake
And I never harvest weeds–
Only flower-like bites of goodness
That fulfill all my needs.

P. N. Portola Valley, CA

When I’m in the mood for smooth and creamy, ELI’s
When I need comfort and some cheering, ELI’s
When I’m hungry for sweet and cool, ELI’s
When I want dessert that’s deluxe and quality, ELI’s
When I want something special that I love, ELI’s
When it’s time for a treat or a holiday occasion, ELI’s
When I want to eat what I am craving, ELI’s

C. S. Fargo, ND

Sitting home alone
on a friday night
feeling so lost
no love in sight!

A trek to the fridge
reveals such a delight…
an Eli’s cheesecake
begging me to bite!

My heart is now pounding
with mixed joy and fright
forbidden temptation,
but it feels so right!

My fork sinks in…
it’s sweet creamy & white…
ecstascy shakes my body
as I reach a new height!

Oh Eli’s Cheesecakes
I now see the light
Who needs a man
when you fill my night!
V. M. Middletown, DE

“My Little Angel Of Love”

I gave life to a precious angel just a few short days ago
I love her more than life itself but I loved her enough to let her go
For two short days I held her close in a warm loving embrace
Those beautiful moments in which we bonded my mind will never erase
God gave me a Christian couple that can take care of her every need
But my eyes will always be streaked with tears; my heart will forever bleed
If I could have just one wish our paths will cross again
But I will hold her close in my heart and love her in silence until then
I know I did the right thing. I’m at peace with the Lord above
And I know He will always be watching over “My Little Angel Of Love”

T. K. Panama City Beach FL

I know I’m diabetic, but
the taste I can’t deny.
Eli’s was in local WalMart,
but now I have to try
to find it elswehere before I die.
I am very lucky and long walks do the trick.
I can eat, lower my sugar and avoid being sick!
P. C. Agency,IA

Eli’s Cheesecake is rich and so yummy,
That each day It is sought by my tummy.
Its wonderful taste
and creamy texture so sweet
Could be resisted only by a mummy!
M. D. Estacada, OR

How many ways do I love Eli’s Cheesecake
I love it so much I would skip the Steak
It makes me so Happy when I take a bite
I am not aware if it is Morning or Night!

D. B. Minneapolis, MN

Oh Eli, I love you.
One slice of your Cheescake just won’t do.
I love it so much –
I could eat it all day!
Oh give me more Eli’s Cheescake today!
D. B. Tulsa, OK

A Cheesecake Haiku!

no sweet frosting no
Eli’s cheesecake I prefer
happy birthday treat

A. H. Philadelphia, PA

There once was a young lady named Valerie
She need not worry bout such a thing as a calorie

Cheesecake was her passion
Not to worry about fashion

Chocolate was her desire
Even if the house was on fire

She always loved to eat something sweet
And cheesecake would knock her off her feet

v. p. United States

Eli’s Cheesecake
more, always more
I am a glutton
Sharing a peice
take your time
it’s sweet
T. E. Arroyo Grande. CA

I love every little thing
about you –
your sexy cheesy style,
the magic of your creamyness.
I love your light and lucious taste,
and the familiarness that
I feel when you’re inside of me.
I love dreaming about you.
I love discovering you
and eating you.
I love each and every
ounce – I want to spend all my calories on you,
…today, tomorrow and forever.

S.H. Ft Irwin, CA

Eli’s Cheescake is really great, you can eat it with out without a plate,
you can eat it standing on your head, you can eat it when you’re under the bed.
you can eat it when you sing a song, you can eat it when you’re right or wrong.
Apologies to Dr. Suess, but he eats it all day long.
P. S. Venice CA

A cold wintery evening, a nice warm blanket and Eli’s cheese cake make for a special evening in front of the fireplace. Each bite is a such a delight. Why not get some tonight? I surely love this stuff they make at Eli’s cheesecake. I just cant eat one single bite. I might have a second bite.
M. A. Greenville, WI

It’s almost more than I can bear,
That I can’t eat you everyday,
Oh my lovely, It’s not fair,
Why can’t I eat you in everyway?

After all, I eat you at the table,
I eat you on the way to the stable,
Honestly, I’d eat you in the bathroom,
Because my teacher tries to steal you in the classroom.

You’re so rich and sweet,
No wonder there’s no comparison with others I meet.
You can tell by my thighs,
You’re my cheesecake, Eli’s.

M. F. OH

Elis’ Cheesecake tastes so fine
I don’t think I need to fine
another place to stand in line
when Elis’ Cheesecakes can be all mine
M. W.  Destin, Fl

Eli’s cakes
They are the best
Ship me one now
And forget the rest
L. S.  New York, NY

It enraged Mother Nature
To see her favorites
be called Cheesecake Couture® .
Throughout the night
She sent rain and snow,
Till she took a bite.
Eli’s Cheesecake
is the best in my world
from things only I make.
K. F. Oklahoma

Oh my Eli’s Cheesecake how the sight of you makes my heart beat faster
Looking at your golden color and sprinkling of chocolate makes my mouth sing
Your beauty and flavor have been created by a true master
Knowing I will be able to savor a slice of you makes me taste buds ring

As I slice into your beauty I have to sigh
Placing you gently on my best china
Taking my first bite truly makes me want to cry
My Eli’s Cheesecake there is NO dessert or other brand of cheesecake that could be finer

K. B. Eli’s Cafe

Eli’s, Eli’s, Eli’s cheesecakes divine, divine, divine
Oh how I covet and would forever make you mine
Except for location my love would buy you every hour
Could someone change this? Who has the power?

J. C. North Dakota/Eli’s no where

You bring Light into my life
And Joy into my soul;
You’re my Bright shining knight,
Sweetly Coy, never bold.

Not a Day passes by that
Love’s Sweet dream do I taste;
You’re my Way, my path, my road,
You’re my Treat, my Eli’s Cheesecake.
j. l. louisiana

Eli’s my guy, It’s the only cheesecake that I will buy, Full of fruit for not much loot, Eli’s my pie in the sky, Thank You Eli you make my heart fly. Heaven on Earth has been found. Worth every penny & that extra pound.
J. B.  Olathe, KS

Sure to tempt,
Sure to please,
A nice round confection,
Eli’s cheese.

I. C. NY

Eli’s oh how I love you
other brands, just won’t do.
I love that you are rich and creamy
topped with chocolate, oh so dreamy.
I think of you and feel fine
knowing that once I get home you will be mine.
Eli’s cheesecake is a fabulous treat
one I cannot wait to eat!
H. S. ga

Ode to the cheesecake
that I know so well
endless nights spent
under your spell
your scrumptious taste
the way you make me feel
plain or chocolate swirl
you always appeal
your a tasty treat
and that’s no lie
delicious and cream
That’s no surprise
e. m. new york

I love Eli’s Cheesecake
More than I love Brad Pitt
But when I eat Eli’s cheesecake
My jeans no longer fit.

But it doesn’t bother me
And into the Cheesecake I cut
It tastes so very delicious
That it’s worth having a big but!

no pie of
You give
You show
D. F. Chicago


Picture perfect from the photos, even better on my plate;
The day I tasted Eli’s I just knew that it was fate!

Indulgence at it’s finest, piece of heaven, every bite;
There’s not another cheesecake; for it’s Eli’s every night.

Just one bite will have you hooked, I promise from the start;
This cheescake is amazing, just one taste… it had my heart!

Delectable with berries, but the plain is just as good;
If you’ve never tasted Eli’s, well gosh, you really should.

You don’t know what your missing, it’s the best I’ve ever had;
It can even bring a smile to my face when I am sad.

Very rich & creamy and so decadent & sweet
Eli’s Cheesecake is by far, my friends, my all-time favorite treat!
C. G. Florida

I bought my love a cheesecake,
It was a special day.
The flavor didn’t suit her,
but she ate in anyway.
I bought an Eli’s cheesecake,
the difference plain to see,
She ate it all quite handily,
A pleasing sight to me.
She’s harder now to satisfy,
No other cake, no other pie,
Just Eli’s, thank you very much
Says my love of the sweet and velvet touch.
So folks, heed the lesson,
Be careful being bold,
You may create an addict,
And she’s only three years old!.

B. P. Gainesville, FL

“My Love for Eli’s Cheesecake”

I LOVE Eli’s Cheesecake
It’s sweet and supreme
When my hubby buys it
I am just like a queen.
It’s yummy and wonderful
I am in heavenly bliss
The taste of Eli’s Cheesecake
Gives me real happiness.
We share it with each other
On Valentine’s Day.
We don’t celebrate it
Any other way.
With Eli’s Cheesecake
The world is so great
And Eli’s Cheesecake
Is what we appreciate!
S. W. Florida

Eli’s cheesecakes are rich and yummy.
they totally comfort my tummy.
My friends and I enjoy the cheesecake that you call chocolate chip
It goes well with vanilla ice cream dip.
I hope that I win a slice of your cheesecake pie
It will make me the envie of all my allies.
s. p.  blue bell, pa

Eli’s Cheesecake, How Do I love you?
In many, many ways
There is chocolate, caramel, strawberry, and Key Lime Breeze.
There are flan, dippers, chocolate chip, and candy delights.
I love you, love you more than I can say.
The only trouble I find with all your selection
Is if I ate them all, I’d never get thru your door to pick them.
But then I thought about it and no trouble would it be
I could order them on line and have them delivered straight to me.
M. P. Marshalltown, IA

What a wonderful sight to see any day, night , or occasion
A creamy-delicious feast you will be.
Laid onto to my plate and soon to my fork.
I will savor your flavor you devious little cheesecake torte!
K. B. Houston, Texas

Eli’s cheesecakes, Eli’s cheesecakes
where art thou cheescakes
I hope when I die, you are the last thing I eat
J. T.  West Bend Wi

Oh Chicago, how I love thee!
Could I brave the wind, my heart would run free
To the doors of Eli’s Café,
Where happy folks from near and far say
Heaven waits inside for me.
Cheesecake is divine, you see.
How could nuts and fruit be wrong?
Chocolate, caramel, my heart’s song!
No need to journey ‘cross the land
To find your joy, you understand?
Love like this, so sweet and true,
Comes delivered from Eli’s to you.

J. S. Salem, SD

“Eli’s Cheesecake Is The Best!”

E veryone loves Eli’s Cheesecake
L et’s all cheer together.
I know when we eat it
S upreme joy is with us forever.

C heesecake by Eli is the greatest
H appiness reigns all the time.
E ach moment fills my life
E ating it makes me divine.
S o thank you very much
E very day I get to have fun.
C heesecake by Eli is the best
A nd better than anyone’s.
K now that’s the truth
E at and satisfy your sweet tooth!

*Please note this is a revised version of my poem. The last line didn’t show up for some reason.
H. W. Florida

I want cheesecale
only Eli’s will do
Rich and creamy
now i want two.
.Strawberry Cheesecake
and Original Plain
my mouth is drooling
i’m going insane
sit down my friend
and take a bite
sharing Eli’s cheesecake
can only be right.
so order a cheesecake
and don’t delay
you will be happy you did
have a wonderful day.
G. A. Yarmouthport,Ma.

Ode to the cheesecake,
a yummy affair.
A decadent taste of chocolate eclair,
An extravagent blend of berry and cream
The mighty cheesecake is a sweet tooth’s dream.
Strawberries and Vanilla, Pumpkin and spice,
Colors of the rainbow, fill the cheesecake slice
How can you resist such a delicious selection
When we all know the cheesecake is pure perfection?

E. W. Willow Springs, NC

I search the world over for the best cheesecake ever
We look high and low and even in the river
We walked all New York city
But the best ever was in a ditty
Called Eli’s Cheesecake World
It the best ever even tho old
It has no mold
and is ready to be eaten even cold.
E. D.  Florence AL

.Cheesecake in my skivvies,
Cheesecake in my shorts,
Cheesecake for a morning snack,
Cheesecake with my warts,
Cheesecake when my cable’s up,
Cheesecake when it’s down,
Cheesecake in the country,
Cheesecake in the town.
How I love thee, lovely cake,
Breakfast fit for Kings.
With a single bite of thee
My longing tummy sings.

D. K Orlando, FL

Eli’s Cheescake is the best, miles and miles above the rest.
Just one bite will prove the test: it’s got that super-extra zest.

D. S. Venice CA

Eli’s Cheesecake so sweet and creamy
I want it awake or when I am dreamy
It fills my thoughts day and night
only Eli makes cheesecake right.

D. M. birmingham, al

nI think that I shall try to win
A cheesecake for my kith and kin.

I have to write a clever poem
To get a cheesecake for my home.

My love for Eli’s knows no bounds
Who cares about the extra pounds !!

If you should judge my poem the best
My children will be quite impressed!

I’ll wear the t-shirt every day
Whether I’m at work or play.

I’ll share the cheesecake with my hubby
(He’s very cute, but slightly chubby)

I only hope I pass the test
Because Eli’s Cheesecake is the best!

C. D. Wayne, NJ

Eli’sCheesecake is simply the best, comforts the soul, warms the body, makes me smile ear to eat. Eli’s Cheesecake is delicious and once you try it you will have found your love, heck with other cheesecakes that aren’t delicious, heck with cupcakes and etc Eli’s cheesecake is number one once you taste it you will eat the entire cheesecake.
A. F. Virginia

Eli’s Cheesecake is really very yummy.
I get it when I can and it goes straight into my tummy.
I feed it to my wife
Don’t even need a knife
She would give anything for chocolate
I can get a lot of things for chocolate
This Valentine’s Day to show here she’s special
I’m ordering Eli’s Cheesecake to celebrate
A. T. Marshalltown, Iowa

Eli’s Cheesecakes – how you make my heart sing
From Totally Turtle to Perfectly Praline
There’s nothing better, I can’t resist
Your Tara Mi Su really gives me a twist.

The old-fashioned favorites like Strawberry and Plain
Devour my palette and make me insane
Lemon Mixed Berry or Key Lime Breeze
Decisions, decisions, which will it be?

Life’s too short, why limit myself?
I’ll order a sampler from the Candy Crazy shelf
With Caramel Nougat and Chocolate Peanut Butter
My oh my – how my sweet tooth will shutter!

Saying goodbye, cheesecake to eat
Oh – Eli you are so sweet!

A. V. Marion, IL