A Slice of Chicago History

What started in Eli’s humble restaurant kitchen has blossomed into a third generation family-owned bakery, specializing in cheesecake and desserts that can be shipped nationwide and purchased across the country.

Eli Schulman with Cheesecakes
Eli Schulman with Cheesecakes
Like Father, Like Son, Like Daughter

Three Generations Committed to Quality

We couldn’t be prouder to carry on the traditions of our founder Eli Schulman, by baking up great desserts and following his golden rules: “Charity will never bust you,” and “Treat Others as if you were the other.” It’s an honor to share our family’s treasured cheesecake recipe and other sweet treats with you. We hope you love them as much as we do!
Father, Son, and Daughter Schulman

About Us

Join us on a historical ride through Eli’s colorful career and ultimate rise to restaurateur and baker extraordinaire!
Eli Schulman

1910 Chicago’s West Side

Eli M. Schulman is born on the West Side of Chicago in the Greater Lawndale area. When Eli is just 16, his father, a baker, passes away, forcing him to drop out of high school and take care of his mother and siblings. He sells newspapers and delivers packages, hawks shoes out of the back of his car on Maxwell Street, and sells scorecards and seat cushions at the ballparks in the summer. Eli’s relentless work ethic and ingenuity sets the tone for what will be a long and successful career in hospitality.
Eli's Ogden Huddle

1940 The Ogden Huddle

Eli spies a foreclosure notice on the door of a coffee shop he frequented at Ogden and Kedzie. Inspired, he buys the building and restaurant on the spot and renames it Eli’s Ogden Huddle. It was there that Eli discovers he can cook! On opening day, he finds his cook, passed out drunk. With customers arriving, he has no choice but to take the helm, even resorting to calling his mother to ask for recipes. He does such a good job, that when customers return after he hires a new cook, they say they liked the food better that telling first day. While Eli hones his cooking skills in the Army, his siblings, Nate and Bertha, run The Huddle.

1948 When Eli Met Esther…

After Eli returns from the Army, he marries Esther Nettis, who will work with Eli throughout his career in the restaurant business as his right-hand woman. After World War II, Chicago’s North Side is booming: people are buying houses, having babies, and eating out. Eli joins the mass exodus to the North Side and opens a second Huddle location at Argyle and Sheridan. Nate and Bertha continue to run the West Side Huddle.
Eli's Stage Delicatessen

1962 Eli’s Stage Delicatessen

Eli makes his move to the Gold Coast, a mecca for show girls, up and coming entertainers, young professionals and singles looking for a place to hang out. Eli’s corned beef sandwiches and great personality makes the Deli the place to be, attracting local pols, neighborhood regulars, columnists and celebrities appearing at the nightclub, Mr. Kelly’s, located just down the street.
Eli Schulman, Founder of Eli's Cheesecake

1966 Eli’s The Place for Steak

The Deli was very successful, but Eli had yet another dream: a steakhouse. In 1966, while still running Eli’s Stage Delicatessen, he opened Eli’s The Place For Steak in the Carriage House Hotel, located at 215 E. Chicago Avenue. The Deli’s regulars followed Eli to his new white tablecloth restaurant, where they’d find a mound of chopped liver, vegetable crudités on ice, and a bread basket full of raisin pumpernickel and matzoh on each table.
Eli's Cheesecake in 1978

1978 A Cheesecake is Born…

Eli serves various desserts at the steakhouse, including the ice cream snowball with coconut and chocolate sauce, apple strudel, and his least favorite dessert of all – fresh fruit. (He says, “It can look great, but taste like a potato…and that’s the last thing people remember.”) In the late ’70s, he decides that cheesecake will be the signature dessert at Eli’s The Place For Steak. Every day between the lunch and dinner service, he heads to the restaurant’s kitchen to experiment with cheesecake recipes, and serves up test versions to regular customers to get their opinions. After about a year of testing, Eli finalizes four cheesecake recipes: original plain, chocolate chip, cinnamon raisin, and Hawaiian. Eli has no idea that he’s about to change the world of cheesecake forever by creating Chicago-style cheesecake: golden brown on the outside, rich and creamy on the inside, baked on a signature all-butter shortbread cookie crust.
Marc Schulman

1984 It’s a Family Affair

Marc Schulman, Eli’s son and only child, leaves behind a successful legal career to head up The Eli’s Cheesecake Company, a spinoff of the steakhouse’s treasured dessert. Aside from cheesecake, the restaurant is known for many famous dishes, including Liver Eli, Shrimp Marc and Chicken Vesuvio, to name a few. As Marc said, “I was fortunate that my dad’s greatest creation was his cheesecake, because unfortunately, liver just doesn’t have the same universal appeal.” In the mid-1980s, He opens his first bakery on Chicago’s Northwest side on Dakin Street.
President Clinton and Marc Schulman at Eli's Cheesecake

1992 Eli’s U

Marc Schulman believes that empowering Eli’s associates is critical to the success of the business. In the early 1990s, Eli’s partners with Wright College to implement a General Education Development (GED) program at the bakery. Eli’s GED candidates take on-site classes three days per week while their coworkers cover for them. This allows working parents the opportunity to gain a degree and still return home from work in time to be with their families. The day before the 1992 Illinois primary and then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton visit Chicago and make a campaign stop at Eli’s Cheesecake, precisely because of Eli’s innovative education program. Clinton wins Illinois, and we like to think the cheesecake helped! In 1993, Eli’s makes a giant “Red, White and Bill” cheesecake for President Clinton’s inauguration in Washington DC.
A giant Eli's cheesecake for the Chicago White Sox World Series Win in 2005

2005 A Win For The White Sox

Eli’s celebrates the White Sox World Series victory with a 500 pound cheesecake, cut by Mayor Richard M. Daley, Jerry Reinsdorf, Ozzie Guillen, and Marc Schulman.

Today Like Father, Like Son, Like Daughter

Elana Schulman, granddaughter of Eli and daughter of Marc, joins the family business and proudly represents the third generation. She says, “I am the luckiest person in the world. I get to carry on my grandfather’s legacy while working and learning from my Dad, the most caring and charitable person I know. And I love cheesecake!” Elana previously worked as a producer of food shows in New York, and is a James Beard Award winner for her Sushi series. (We gotta brag!)
Marc and Elana Schulman

What is Chicago-style cheesecake anyway?

A hot, fast bake and no water bath, results in a golden brown exterior with a rich and creamy interior. Richer and creamier than its New York counterpart, Eli’s has a unique taste and texture and is baked on a real all-butter shortbread cookie crust, instead of a graham one.


All-Butter Shortbread Cookie Crust

Did you know that our cheesecake is baked on top of a giant cookie! Our cookie bakers work through the night, baking off the most delicious, buttery shortbread, which becomes the crust of our cheesecake.


Slow-Cultured Dairy

We use cultured fresh cream cheese and cultured sour cream with no fillers, stabilizers, or artificial ingredients.



From frosting layer cakes to swirling cheesecakes and enrobing our Cuties and Dippers, our team of decorators are true artists.


Locally Sourced Ingredients

Whether it’s cherries, apples, or silken tofu…we don’t compromise on quality.


Dry, Hot Bake!

A key technique to baking an Eli’s cheesecake is to start at a very high temperature and then reduce the temperature as the baking process continues.


Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

We use only pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract and vanilla beans from Nielsen-Massey, a family-owned business headquartered in Waukegan, Illinois.

Forget the fork, you’ll need a forklift for these BIG cakes!

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    Chef Laurel Boger adds finishing touches to a US Capitol-shaped cheesecake at President Obama’s second inauguration

  • David Koechner, Fred Willard, Scott Adsit with an Eli's Cheesecake at Second City's Letters to Santa

    David Koechner, Fred Willard, and Scott Adsit with an Eli’s Cheesecake at Second City

  • Hilary Clinton's 50th Birthday

    Hilary Clinton’s 50th Birthday Cheesecake

  • President Obama's 50th Birthday with an Eli's Cheesecake

    Celebrating President Obama’s 50th Birthday

  • Stephen Colbert at the Second City 50th anniversary

    Stephen Colbert at the Second City’s 50th Anniversary Party

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Jay Leno at Eli's Cheesecake

Jay Leno visited our bakery while filming The Tonight Show in Chicago

Will Farrell and Marc Schulman with an Eli's Cheesecake

Will Ferrell with his look alike Eli’s President Marc Schulman in Chicago

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