What kind of cheesecake is Eli’s…New York or French style?

Neither. Eli’s cheesecake is an unique Chicago style cheesecake that is baked with a high profile and has a firm outside and very creamy inside. Our butter cookie crust is baked to a golden brown. For example, Eli’s Original Plain cheesecake ingredients are pure and simple with: cream cheese, sugar, eggs, sour cream, pure vanilla, salt and no preservatives. Eli’s is a baked cheesecake, not a refrigerated, no bake style.

What type of crust does Eli’s Cheesecake have?

All of Eli’s Cheesecakes are baked on top of a pre-baked butter cookie crust in two flavors – all-butter shortbread or chocolate. In addition, we offer several unique crusts in our Eli’s Classic Dessert category.

Where is Eli’s Cheesecake made?

The Schulman family has been in the restaurant business over 50 years and bake the cheesecake on the northwest side of Chicago in a 62,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art bakery. Eli’s is sold in 50 states and internationally. Our bakery, cafe and retail store are located at 6701 W Forest Preserve Drive Chicago, Illinois. Click For Directions

Does Eli’s guarantee customer satisfaction?

YES. All of Eli’s employees take a great deal of pride in assuring our consumer is satisfied with each and every cheesecake and dessert. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Eli’s at 800-999-8300 or info@elicheesecake.com.

Are Original Plain or Chocolate Chip the only flavors you offer in C-Cakes®?

Yes, our chefs have found that Original Plain and Chocolate Chip cheesecakes make the best base for our C-Cake since any number of topping combinations can be chosen.

Storing Eli's Cheesecake

Can I refreeze the product?

YES. Eli’s Cheesecake is formulated to refreeze several times without product deterioration. Simply wrap unused portions in plastic wrap and return to the freezer.

How long can I store Eli’s Cheesecake in the freezer?

Eli’s Cheesecake can be safely stored at zero (0) degrees up to six months.

How long will the cheesecake last in my refrigerator at home?

The cheesecake will last up to 5 days in the refrigerator.  It’s best to keep it in its original container, and tightly wrapped in plastic wrap if it has been opened. For best results, keep your cheesecake in the freezer until the night before you’d like to serve it. Then thaw in the refrigerator overnight or for up to 2 hours at room temperature.

Serving & Preparing

How many servings are there in a cheesecake?

There are 12 servings in our 7″ and 8″ cheesecakes. There are 14-16 servings in our 9″ Cheesecakes and14 servings in our 10″ Cheesecakes. Most Eli’s desserts are pre-cut for your convenience. For specific serving size questions, visit our Shop Online page. Each product listing shows the serving size for that dessert.

What is the best way in which to cut a whole cheesecake?

Partially thaw, cut desired portion size with knife dipped in hot water. However, most of our products are pre-cut to offer consistency in size and convenience.

What is the best way to serve Eli’s Cheesecake?

We recommend serving Eli’s Cheesecake chilled (but not frozen) to enjoy the pure flavor of our natural ingredients.

Ordering Online

How secure is my information when ordering?

As safe, if not safer than ordering over the phone. Our ordering process is a secured electronic transaction designed to protect your vital information. Of course any purchase process includes the risk of abuse, but the facts show that online purchases are much safer than in-person purchases or telephone purchases.

What does Eli’s do with my information?

Any information that you give to Eli’s through this site is kept within Eli’s. We do not sell or distribute our contact lists or client lists to anyone. The information is solely used to help Eli’s understand our customers, reply to comments suggestions or concerns, and to better direct promotions. Your privacy is important to us.

I’m having trouble ordering from your site and I’m using Microsoft Internet Explorer?

For your security, this section requires browsers with 128-bit encryption. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer click “Help”, then “About Internet Explorer” to determine the level of security encryption your browser supports. If you find that it is not 128-bit, you will need to download a higher encrypted version of Internet Explorer. For your convenience, if necessary, you can download a higher version by clicking here . This is a known security concern that Microsoft has addressed in higher security encrypted versions. If you have trouble ordering from this page, please confirm the security encryption of your browser, or call us at 1-800-ELI-CAKE (1-800-354-2253) and we will help you place your order.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Is Eli’s Cheesecake Kosher?

Yes, almost all Eli’s Cheesecakes and desserts are certified kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. The exceptions are: Irish Cream Cheesecake, Double Marshmallow Crispy Bar, Lemon Mixed Berry Cheesecake, Moscato Berry Tira Mi Su, and I Heart Cheesecake.

Do Eli’s Cheesecakes Contain Trans Fats?

Eli’s Cheesecake has always baked our cheesecakes using butter, cultured cream cheese and cultured sour cream. There are naturally occurring trans fats in dairy products. On average, our cheesecakes do contain .5g-1.5g of trans fat per serving, due to the fact that our cheesecakes are baked with over 65% cultured cream cheese, cultured sour cream and butter. However, we do not use margarine or partially hydrogenated oils in any of our internal recipes.The exception to this rule is when we need to use certain candy inclusions, whipped toppings, sauces and / or coatings from outside suppliers, some of which are manufactured using hydrogenated fat components. We are working with our vendors to address this issue. It is our goal to remove any hydrogenated fats from all ingredients used in Eli’s products. Please refer to the respective ingredient legend and Nutritional Facts labeling as to the presence of any hydrogenated fats and trans fat levels in individual items.

Contact Us & Location

How can I contact Eli’s?

You can call us at 800-ELI-CAKE or 800-999-8300 or write to us at:

The Eli’s Cheesecake Company

6701 Forest Preserve Drive

Chicago, Illinois 60634



Toll Free:

800-ELI-CAKE (1-800-354-2253) or 800-999-8300



To send us an E-mail just click here.

Where is Eli’s located?

Eli’s Corporate Office, Bakery, Retail Store and Dessert Café is located on the northwest side of the city of Chicago at 6701 Forest Preserve Drive (at the corner of Forest Preserve Drive and Montrose).
Driving Directions

Call 800-ELI-CAKE or 800-999-8300 for information.