Email the President


My father was a special man. Generous to a fault. With his love. With his time. And especially with the ingredients in his cheesecake. As a youngster, I watched as he labored in the kitchen of our family restaurant on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, combining the finest, natural ingredients. He was on a quest for a handmade dessert that would, one day, “wow” his customers. Boy, did it ever. But as our cheesecake’s popularity has grown, we’ve taken great care to continue making each cake by hand – the same way my father made the very first one. This ensures each will have the rich, creamy Eli’s taste so many have come to love. If you have a question or a comment about our desserts and don’t know when you’ll be in next, you can e-mail me directly. I’ll be happy to reply personally. The way I see it, that’s what being a family-run business is all about. Don’t you think?

Marc S. Schulman, President