It’s not just Plain…

It’s Eli’s Original Plain Cheesecake! Made with the finest ingredients, it’s delicious served unadorned. Or, add your own signature toppings for a custom dessert or seasonal special.
A decorated cheesecake slice

Peach Melba Cheesecake

Add chopped fresh peaches, whole fresh raspberries, a drizzle of prepared raspberry sauce, and crispy meringues
A decorated cheesecake slice

Cheesecake Alaska

Prepare your favorite meringue recipe. Cover a frozen slice of Eli’s Original Plain Cheesecake on all sides with the meringue (you can spread it on with a spatula, or pipe it on with a pastry bag). Brown the meringue with a kichen torch and serve.
A decorated cheesecake slice

Pineapple Mint

Top with fresh chopped pineapple, chopped fresh mint, and a drizzle of prepared pineapple or mango sauce. We’ve also added a freeze dried pineapple chip for texture.
A decorated cheesecake slice

Chocolate Fudge

Cover with prepared chocolate fudge and bittersweet chocolate shavings
A decorated cheesecake slice

Strawberries and Cookies

Top with fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, and a sprinkle of crushed vanilla or shortbread cookies for texture.
A decorated cheesecake

The possibilities are endless!

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